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Lecture inspires thousands of employees at tens of companies that are committed to investing in their people. 

We offer tailored series of live, interactive inspiring lectures brought by curated experts who bring new insights, knowledge and experience to create a culture of creativity and innovation. Followed by Q&A with the expert. 

We have curated over 100 international professors bringing a wide array of topics. From ethics to intellectual property, from money laundering to plastic surgery, from the psychology of secrets to unconscious bias, from big data to space law and from master forgers in art to the North Korean dictatorship. 

Every lecture is given by the most inspiring experts in that particular field.  And during this time of Corona we have special Expert Q&A sessions on topics like dealing with adversity, epidemiology, reframing, remote collaboration etc…

Meet some of our clients

We currently work for over 60 clients in The Netherlands, the UK and Belgium. Special thanks to our clients for trusting us with curating the best experts to support their teams in these tough times.

Meet some of our experts who bring Corona-related Lectures


Q&A Session:

Dealing with adversity

The science of happiness

Learn from expert Bruce Hood

Bruce Hood is the Director of the Cognitive Development Centre at the University of Bristol. He undertook his Ph.D. at Cambridge followed by appointments at MIT and Harvard. He delivered the prestigious Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, “Meet Your Brain” which were broadcast on the BBC. Also, he received the Public Engagement and Media Awards from The British Psychological Society for his commitment to public engagement through public lectures, media appearances and science festivals.

About the Q&A session:

In a world of uncertainty, we cannot always control all the bad things that happen to us, but we can control the way that we respond to them by regulating our emotions. In this session, award-winning psychologist Bruce Hood explains why our minds seem unable to be reasonable in the face of threat and danger but reveals three simple techniques to control our emotions that are based on hard scientific evidence. Followed by a Q&A.

Q&A Session:

Working from home
(with kids)

With millions of parents having to work from home, there is a need for new rules

Introducing expert Mark McCartney

Mark is an executive leadership coach at Oxford University’s Saїd Business School and the School of Life in London. He works with a broad range of leaders who are also parents of young children.

About the Q&A session:

For many people it might be the first time that they’ve worked from home for a prolonged
period. Mark will try to help them to make the most of what will be a challenging period. During this session he will talk about:

  • Tips on how to turn their home into an office, and then back into a home.

  • How to reduce stress levels.

  • Ways to maximise productivity in order to benefit from the reduction in interruptions that we would normally experience in the office.
Mark McCartney

Q&A Session:

Building mind strength

Overcoming fear

Learn from expert Dr Jodie Lowinger

Dr Jodie Lowinger is the CEO and Founder of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic. Jodie is a Clinical Psychologist and has worked in organisational, hospital and community settings for more than 20 years. She holds a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and a Master of Science (University of Sydney) and was awarded the University Medal for Psychology (UNSW). Alongside her work at the Sydney Anxiety Clinic, she is the CEO and Founder of Mind Strength Consulting where she coaches CEOs and Executives and speaks in organisations.

About the Q&A session:

Dr Lowinger will give a short (ten minute) talk about anxiety and how to overcome it followed by a Q&A for your teams to ask anything they want to know about dealing with fear and uncertainty.

Q&A Session:

Paradigm shifts

How to reframe life and work in times of social distancing

Interacting with expert Karim Benammar

Karim studied philosophy in England, the United States, and Japan. He has taught at Kobe University and directed research at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In his career he has facilitated hundreds of reframing workshops for management teams around the world.

About the Q&A session:

How can your team reframe their lives since they now have to work from home, take care of their children, bring their private life to a virtual standstill and implement social distancing? What should they do with regards to their work plans, meetings, and projects in the coming months? What basic principles are most important to them and how can they structure work/life balance in times of Corona? In this interactive session, Karim, together with your team, will focus on finding answers.

KarimBenammar-foto Tirzah Schnater

Q&A Session:

How to prepare for after the crisis

Plan for a gradual return to (a new) normal

Learn from expert Marco Zannoni

Marco Zannoni is responsible for Crisis Consultancy as part of AGRC in The Netherlands. He has over 20 years of strategic Crisis Management experience and is one of the leading experts in The Netherlands. He has extensive experience in crisis management training and consulting in both public and private sector. He is a leading expert in Dutch media on crisis management and Corona.

About the Q&A session:

The COVID-19 situation is highly dynamic. Societal and organisational impact is increasing daily. The Crisis Management challenge is to adapt to these changing circumstances and to be prepared for the next phase. More and more aspects of daily business are impacted: from HR tot Finance and from Business Continuity to Legal. This situation requires a timely ‘reset’ of the Crisis Management Organisation. It is important to start thinking about a plan of action for a gradual ‘return to (a new) normal’: a reversed continuity approach. Marco talks shortly on how to prepare for the phase after the crisis followed by a Q&A.

Q&A Session:

Crisis Management

How to manage during a crisis

Learn from expert Marjolijn Van Oordt

Marjolijn is an international expert in crisis management and crisis communication. She acts as a consultant and temporary member to boards facing situations in need of de-escalation. In this role Marjolijn has prevented, prepared and de-escalated a multitude of national and international crisis with severe impact on the economy at large. Marjolijn is an INSEAD certified board member, Harvard-trained negotiator, MfN certified business mediator and MBTI-certified professional. She is a guest speaker in crisis readiness at INSEAD for the International Directors Programme.

About the Q&A session:

Marjolijn will give a short talk about crisis management, commonly made mistakes and best practices in crisis. Your team will be able to ask Marjolijn all about crisis management and leadership in crisis management.

Marjolijn van Oordt
WhatsApp Image 2020-03-23 at 10.13.50

Q&A Session:

Epidemic control strategies

How do epidemic control strategies work

Learn from expert Dr Bharat Pankhania

Dr Pankhania is head of Public Health Medicine teaching at University of Exeter Medical School and an expert in terms of pandemic Influenza outbreak planning and major plan testing exercises. He was the local Lead for Pandemic Influenza planning at Public Health England and became the reference point for outbreak planning, testing systems and control strategies.

Teaching, training and mentoring have always been Dr Pankhania’s forte, he has been the training lead for Health Protection at his Public Health England, SW Region. Additionally, he has held honorary teaching positions, for over 15 years at University of Bristol, Imperial University, University of St Mark and St John, University of West of England.

About the Q&A session:

Dr Pankhania will give a short (ten minute) talk about epidemics and control strategies. Followed by a Q&A for your teams to ask anything they want to know about the current outbreak.

Q&A Session:

The Oxygen Class

How to keep your calm in stressful situations

Learn from expert, Marjon van Opijnen

Marjon van Opijnen is a trauma and respiratory therapist. She teaches at both Nyenrode and Webster University on business ethics and leadership.

About the Q&A session:

Burnout, stress, sleeping problems; these are typical complaints of our time. Especially during this crazy period. Knowing how to keep yourself calm in a stressful situation is not only good for your team’s performance, it is crucial to their health. In the event of stress or fatigue, we often look for a solution outside ourselves. With the right breathing technique, you can both relax and activate your body. Breathing is actually the only unconscious process in our body that we can control. Marjon is an expert in the field of breathing and takes your team on a journey full of insights and practical tools for immediate use.

Marjon van Opijnen

Q&A Session:

Embracing uncertainty

Business opportunities that arise in times of uncertainty

Learn from expert Patrick van der Pijl

Patrick van der Pijl is CEO of Business Models Inc., an international consultancy for strategy and business model innovation. Patrick is also producer of the bestseller Business Model Generation.

About the Q&A session:

Within uncertainty exist innumerable opportunities to design (or redesign) game-changing businesses. These opportunities are here for the taking if you know how to look for them. During his short introduction, Patrick will provide you with new tools, skills and mindset to harness opportunities born of uncertainty in order to design a better business. Followed by a Q&A

Q&A Session:

Teaching your children at home?

Now that it’s become a daily responsibility, we show you how it’s done

Ask expert Felienne Hermans

Felienne has taught at the TU Delft and is currently a professor at Leiden University, where she teaches in the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science.

About the Q&A session:

Felienne helps your people now that they are in charge of helping their children learn. After lots of years of experience teaching children, and a lot of learning and reading, she discovered what works best to help others learn. She shows us how our brain works when we try to learn something new. After a short talk, Felienne will take questions on all matters related to teaching children new things. Your team will get some useful insights in ways that they can help their children with new knowledge and skills.


Q&A Session:

Remote leadership

How to manage remote/virtual teams

Learn from expert Line Mørkbak

As Facilitator of Collaboration, Line Mørkbak has specialized in online team collaboration. She supports clients to reevaluate what drives their teams and how to harness the engagement of dispersed, virtual teamwork. For the past 20 years Line has lived and worked internationally and she brings her extensive global client expertise to her keynote talks, workshops and consulting work.

About the Q&A session:

We can’t simply transfer our f2f management expertise unfiltered into the online team environment. You may already have some experience managing online teams or maybe the current Covid-19 reality has propelled you into remote management. To support effective virtual teamwork, a remote skill – and mindset is needed. This session will offer concrete techniques to plan and lead engaging online meetings, share best practices to build a strong sense of team and to enhance collaboration, and the session will provide participants with practical tips and tools ready to implement with your team already tomorrow. Followed by a Q&A.

Q&A Session:


The nature of viruses and COVID-19 in particular

An interactive session with Christina Mergenthaler

Christina Mergenthaler is an expert in infectious disease epidemiology at KIT Royal Tropical Institute. Her work focuses on the development of methods and statistical approaches to predict geographic distributions of disease. Christina analyzes subnational TB spatial trends, hotspots and anomalies to better inform strategic decision making, planning and prioritization of TB programs.

About the session:

How can such a tiny particle, which is not even alive, do so much harm? By understanding the nature of viruses and COVID-19 in particular, you will understand how viruses work, and the best ways to protect yourself.

Christina explains in what light we should perceive the sometimes dreadful images and numbers presented by the media. She also provides tips for practical implications to take utmost care for your own safety. What is the likelihood of dying from this virus? What are the rationales behind the approach in the Netherlands? What can we expect from the future?


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