Lecture inspires employees at their own offices as well as visitors of various events.

Amongst our clients are tens of multinational companies, such as ABN AMRO, Adyen, Aegon, FrieslandCampina, Glencore, GrandVision, InsingerGilissen, Luba, Heineken, Maxeda, Rabobank, Robeco, USG People and many more.

February 2020
de Bijenkorf

Over 200 employees got inspired by Karim Benammar and learned how to reframe their assumptions during his lecture.

February 2020

Full house at InsingerGilissen during the interesting lecture on psychiatry by professor Frank Koerselman.

February 2020

150 employees applied for the lecture by Rogier Creemers. He spoke about the social credit system in China.

February 2020

At Rabobank head office over 100 employees from the legal department got a fascinating lecture on storytelling by Robert Wolfe.

January 2020

Oxygen expert Marjon gives a lecture on breathing techniques and how it can improve your performance for 450 leaders of ABN AMRO.

January 2020
Red Bull

Philosopher, teacher and writer Karim Benammar let Red Bull employees experience how a radically different view can offer new insights.

January 2020

Dr. Andreas Wismeijer gives a lecture about the psychology of secrets and divulges to the audience why we have secrets, how we can benefit from secrets and lies and when they become a problem.

January 2020

Rod teaches active listening in his lecture, ‘mindsets for innovation’ at a KPN management meeting.

January 2020

Rogier Creemers, our China expert, in the midst of his fascinating lecture, explains why the dreaded Chinese ‘social credit system’ is nothing like what we’ve seen in Black Mirror.

January 2020

Former Amsterdam Zoo director, Maarten Frankenhuis gives a lecture at Luba on sexual selection and explains how human behaviour correlates with species in the animal kingdom.

January 2020
Insinger Gilissen

Richard, expert in sociale experimentele psychologie, legt bij Insinger Gilissen uit hoe we onze leiders lijken te kiezen, een fascinerend verhaal, gebaseerd op jarenlang onderzoek in zijn laboratorium.

November 2019
Reframing at Unilever

Philosopher, teacher and writer Karim Benammar let the employees of the completely renewed Global Foods Innovation Center of Unilever experience how a radically different view can offer new insights.

September 2019
The impact of creativity

Irene Koel, creative consultant and teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven, let Maxeda employees experience how creative thinking and choosing a different perspective can have a huge impact.

July 2019
How ownership came to control us

Bruce Hood, director of the Cognitive Development Center at the University of Bristol, was flown in from the UK for a lecture on ownership at the office of our clients Adyen and Glencore Agriculture, and afterwards at our Lecture event. He provided insights into why we as humans tend to obsessively collect more and more things, even when it is often irrational and destructive.

June 2019
Lecture during Summer School

During the KPMG Audit Summer School, Kilian Wawoe provided insight into the relationship between money (rewards) and happiness.

June 2019
Emotional intelligence at Rabobank

Over 450 people at Rabobank were fascinated by Adéola Enigbokans lecture. She spoke about emotional intelligence and how this can bring a lot to people and the organizations where they work.

June 2019
Lecture ‘Copyright’ at ABN AMRO

Merel Teunissen, lawyer at Versteeg Wigman Sprey advocaten and teacher, spoke at the annual conference day of ABN AMRO about the sustainability of copyright in the future.

June 2019
Storytelling bij Glencore Agriculture

Robert Wolfe told Glencore’s boardroom how you can use a story from your own life to really get a message across and inspire the people around you. He also gave examples of the best storytellers and easy to apply techniques.

March 2019
North Korea lecture at Adyen

Remco Breuker spoke about North Korea at Adyen. He thereby provided a unique insight into the incredible system that was set up to take a whole country hostage, which is unlike other oppressive communist regimes, such as in Eastern Europe, that all collapsed after a few decades.