Every month, Lecture inspires thousands of employees.

Lecture inspires the workforce of over 50 multinational companies throughout Europe. Every month, we give live, interactive lectures in the comfort of their offices. Twelve times a year, a new lecture in the office every month. We offer more than 100 lectures, personally curated by our team.

From ethics to space law, from plastic surgery to psychiatry and from art history to artificial intelligence. Master forgers, the psychology of secrets, artificial intelligence,  energy transition, forensic medicine, North Korea, Innovations by Da Vinci, the social credit system…

Inspiring lectures

Our lectures are short, powerful and inspiring. Each lecture takes approximately 50 minutes. During that time our lecturers can perfectly bring across their knowledge to the audience.

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The most inspiring professors

Our lecturers are inspiring and experienced speakers, which we carefully select. Some were selected University Lecturer of the Year, others give popular lectures at TedX, Coursera or on other known platforms. We also regularly ask very inspiring speakers from abroad to give lectures here in the Netherlands.

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All audiences

Our lecturers speak for large and small companies and at events, for young talent and for the Board of Directors. But we mainly provide plenary lectures at companies, where everyone is welcome. From trainee to senior management. In every setting and on every subject. Call or email us for more information!

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