Frequently asked questions

Who are the lecturers?
Lecture collaborates with dozens of inspiring professors from universities and academies around the world. We regularly put new lecturers in the spotlight on our website.

How are lectures held during Covid-19? We hold all our lectures online currently. We work platform independent. That means we work with Zoom, Teams, Skype for Business, Webex and other platforms

Who is responsible for production and moderation? Lecture is a one-stop-shop. We take care of everything.

Can only professors become lecturers?
Lecture works with professors, but we also collaborate with high-profile teachers. In principle, they are all top scientists who excel in giving fascinating lectures. But we also make exceptions for teachers of, for example, the Royal Academy of Arts, Defense Academy, or the Film Academy.

Can your lectures also be watched online?
No. Our lectures are exclusive and reserved for our clients.

Are lectures only held in english?
No. most lectures are held in English. For some companies, all lectures will be held in English. Lectures in other languages can be requested.

Are the lectures accessible for all employees?
Definitely. Everyone, from barista to CEO, is welcome. In addition, you may also invite customers, suppliers, prospects and other stakeholders to your lectures.

Who chooses the day and the time?
You decide the place, data and time for your lecture every month. However, we advise to do this every month on the same day and at the same time so that your employees can put it in their agenda for the coming months!

How many people may be present during the lectures?
As many as fit into the space you have designated. Lectures can be held in the canteen, in the conference room, in an auditorium and even in the lobby of your building…

May we organise a lecture during lunch?
The lunch hour is no problem for us.